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Education and Training

Establishing the Energy Education Center

RCETS directed the program entitled the "Education Center of Talent Cultivation for Industrial Efficiency," sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE) from 2010 to 2013. Five partner universities cooperated with RCETS to jointly build a learning environment for energy education and establish the "Industrial Efficiency Teaching Alliance." Since the beginning of 2014, RCETS has also supervised the MOE program entitled the "Educational Alliance Center for Industrial Efficiency." This program has developed the curriculum for five industrial energy efficiency programs, including thermal, chemical processing, agricultural, power system optimization, and electrical technology. Each partner university is responsible for offering the courses corresponding to one curriculum. The overall goals of this program are to further consolidate partnerships among schools, establish competitive and innovative energy laboratories, strengthen collaborations between industry and academia, and promote internships in industry.

Encouraging College Students to Participate in Energy Research

RCETS has developed the program entitled "NCKU–RCETS Undergraduate Project on Energy Technology and Strategy" in which college students will be encouraged to join energy research projects, exposed to research training earlier in their college careers, and taught research methods. The students’ final reports need to be written in English, and the students are required to make English presentations in the achievement workshop. This program was launched in 2013 and eleven projects have been approved.





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