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System of Microalgae-Based Bioenergy and Biorefinery

System of Microalgae-Based Bioenergy and Biorefinery


Principal Investigator: Professor Jo-Shu Chang (Chemical Engineering)

Brief description of top-tier research results:

  • We have developed the world’s first Raman photospectrometry quantification method for the detection of the average content of microalgae components within 90 minutes, as well as rapid oil-rich microalgae screening technology using the DEP chip.

  • We are the first team in Taiwan to establish large-scale cultivation systems (capacity > 50 ton) for the mass production of oil-producing microalgae.

  • We have developed Taiwan’s first complete and integrated technology concerning microalgae cultivation utilizing industrial flue gas. All of the processes involved in this microalgae-based biodiesel production and reutilization of microalgae residue can be used to produce other biofuels and valuable chemicals.



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