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Multi-Fuel Energy-Saving and Lower-Emission System

Multi-Fuel Energy-Saving and Lower-Emission System


Principal Investigator: Professor Ming-Hsun Wu (Mechanical Engineering)

Brief description of top-tier research results:

  • Completed the design, construction, testing, and commissioning of the first 100 kW scale (280 kW) oxy-fuel research furnace in Taiwan.

  • Validated the effectiveness of applying slightly positive pressure (<100 Pa) to avoid air leakages. The concentration of CO2 (dry) in the flue gas from oxy-coal combustion was successfully elevated from 83% under negative furnace pressure (-25 Pa) to 94% under slightly positive furnace pressure (50 Pa), which is comparable with the values achieved in the world’s leading oxy-fuel research furnaces.

  • Successfully demonstrated on-site capture and carbonization of CO2 in the flue gases from oxy-fuel combustion using water granulated blast furnace slag in a fixed-bed reactor. The utilization rate reached 46%. This technology can use flue gas waste heat as the heat source of carbonation reaction, and provides a valuable and potential application in the industry with regard to carbon reduction.



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