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Offshore Wind Power Developments in Taiwan

Offshore Wind Power Developments in Taiwan


Principal Investigator: Dr. Ray-Yeng Yang (Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory)

Brief description of top-tier research results:

  • Completed a study on the IEC 61400-1 standard for the western coastal areas of Taiwan.
  • RCETS owns the first floating LiDAR in Asia and a metrological mast instrument to accurately measure Taiwan offshore wind data.

  • Carried out structural analyses of the multi-pile wind turbine foundations.
  • Conducted leading technological research of high strength carbon-texture wind turbine blade materials to promote domestic wind turbine industry.

  • Developed the environmental impact assessment standard operating procedure (SOP) for Taiwan's offshore wind development.

  • In response to industry requirements, conducted the first simulation of the impacts of connecting wind power into the grid.



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