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RCETS International Academic Status

Thomson Reuters's InCites database (Global Comparisons) ranked NCKU in the top twenty research centers worldwide in the fields of energy and fuel from 2008 to 2012. This ranking was based on the following: (1) number of papers, (2) number of citations per paper, and (3) impacts relative to subject areas. In addition, the ISI Web of Science ranked NCKU in the top ten energy research centers worldwide from the beginning of 2011 to August 2013. This ranking was based on the number of SCI papers published in four energy sub-fields. RCETS has become a top-tier research center.

Implementing the National Energy Program – Phase II

In 2014, eight programs have been approved in the energy fields of offshore wind power, multi-fuel combustion, smart grids, solar cells, and energy efficiency.

Promoting both Energy Technology and Strategy

Technology and strategy are equally important in research, and both play a key role in implementing energy plans. In recent years, RCETS has invited professors with expertise in strategic analysis to participate in the research and development of energy technologies. Since 2013, this strategic analysis has been divided into two programs, practical application and general energy strategy. Practical application is composed of several subprograms that evaluate the effectiveness of different renewable energy projects in promoting a greener environment. General energy strategy concentrates on developing a general equilibrium model for an energy economy and promoting renewable energy within the framework of this model.

Core Technologies in RCETS




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